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Introducing our new product – The Casey Anthony Child Care Guide

Are you struggling to control your kids when you really want to go out and party? We’ve got a new product that can help you solve this problem …. introducing our latest product, The Casey Anthony Child Care Guide! And if you act now, you can get this tattoo removal kit FREE to help you get rid of any graphic mistakes that you made to your body during a drunken pub crawl night.

I’m sure that we could make thousands of dollars with this new product but its not going to happen. Really folks …. I’m just trying to make a point in my own quirky way about what your marketing message says about your company. I brought up the idea of the Casey Anthony product, not because of what it represents (insert your own opinion here) but because of what it made you think about when I said that name. That’s classic marketing my friends, in the most in-your-face-way.

One of my partners, Dawn Jensen of Virtual Options Coaching & Training, likes to remind the attendees of our Social Media workshops that “perception is reality, truth not withstanding.” That’s just a really fancy way to say that your audience will believe the picture that you paint about your company, whether its really the truth or not. They’ll believe the negative just as easily as the positive and that is directly related to how you position your marketing messages out in the marketing universe.

My clients ask me all the time, “How do we manage our marketing message to our customers and gain potential clients?” The answer is simple and its two of my favorite marketing buzz words: Authentic Voice. I subscribe to the theory that your voice is the foundation of your company. Your perspective along with your own code of ethics dictates how you’ll run your business. I believe this theory relates to the one-person business owner working out of his home all the way up the CEO sitting in the top floor office in a high-end building in New York.

As you think about your marketing message for your business, I recommend that you think about your voice for your company. What does your voice say about you and how you represent your company to your target audience? A few of you may already know the answer but I suspect that many more of you are wondering, “Just how do I find my company’s authentic voice?”

Take a look at some tips that I share with my clients to finding your Authentic Voice:

Learn and Find. Research your competition, your industry and read what the others are writing about that relates to your company. Identify which companies’ voices resonate with you and follow their blog, become their Facebook fan and follow them on Twitter.

Practice Your Message. Write out your message like your favorite companies would. Use this just as a guide to give you direction and not as a means to copy another companies work.

Discover Your Message. What story do you really want to tell? Who is your audience and what do you want them to know about your company?

Make It Yours. Most marketing messages have the same basic elements and have have been told and told again. Make your marketing message authentically yours by writing many versions through which your voice of the company will eventually surface.

So whether your business is producing Casey Anthony products or a service that you’re passionate about, think about how you can discover your authentic voice for your company before you begin planning your next marketing campaign. As you move through this process, try to remember one of my favorite quotes from comedian Tim Vine: So I got home, and the phone was ringing. I picked it up, and said ‘Who’s speaking please?’ And a voice said ‘You are.’







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2 thoughts on “Introducing our new product – The Casey Anthony Child Care Guide

  1. Thanks for communicating such a clear picture of the importance of perspective! Your class was awesome and gave me the confidence to create my own blog finally. I have already recommended your class and blog to several others 🙂 keep up the good work.

    Posted by thisismyredink | 02/10/2012, 2:57 pm
    • I’m so glad that you enjoyed the class! Love hearing that I was able to give you some valuable info to get you started in the blogging world. Stay in touch and let me know how your blogging is going – going to check out your blog now!

      Posted by foxinteractive | 02/11/2012, 10:08 am

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