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Mining for Marketing Gold

Attracting Clients With Attitude

This is a guest post by Rachel Ringler, Founder, PEP Text

“Positive attitudes create positive results. Remember, before people buy anything you’re offering, they buy your attitude—no matter what you’re selling.” – Peter L. Hirsch

Have you ever noticed that when you are speaking with clients, if there is tension in the room, or if there is a problem or concern that they have, suddenly the energy of the whole room becomes tense and problematic? Suddenly you have been transferred to their negative energy and are thrown into a situation of diffuse it or die!

The same thing happens in the online world. Believe it or not, not only connotation reaches through the written word but the energy in which you are portraying them does as well. Now, I am not trying to get all ‘woo-woo’ on you, I’m just telling what I have come to know as true in my business.

Whether you are giving away free content or are advertising for a specific event or product, positive and passionate communication is key. Making sure that when you engage with your audience, whether it is live or via any other form of marketing and SEO, setting a positive energy ‘baseline’ is crucial to attracting your ideal clientele.

One way to begin is to start out with a quote or saying that helps begin the conversation with the attitude, or baseline, that you want it to. By using quotes and asking questions that are easy to recognize and agree with, you are allowing the client to say ‘Yes’ to the words they just read. Just by saying or thinking the word “Yes” brings people into a more positive mindset. Then throughout the information, be informative and use your own personality to communicate your authenticity and passion about your subject, product, and company.

Here are a few questions to help you:

1. What keeps your potential clients up at night?

2. Which of their problems do you have the solutions for?

3. What is the best way that you can talk/write about your company or product, and at the same time help your potential clients become solution-focused instead of problem-focused? (Just a hint: Focus on writing about the benefits, not the features of your product. Benefits are all about them. Solving their problem. Features are all about you and your product. Hint part 2: they want it to be all about them!)

4. If you were the potential client, would this marketing piece inspire you to either stay connected with the company, and/or chose to move forward as well?

People search out answers for their problems and things that make them feel good. Why not provide both at the same time? Once they are focused on your solution to their problem, and how that makes them feel, they recognize that you understand and are there to help them. This alone can provide you with not just clients, but ‘disciples’ of your products and services. They will feel that you are both part of the same team and will promote you via word-of-mouth. Isn’t that the ‘marketing gold’ we are all mining for?




About the Author: Rachel Ringler is a Positive Life Strategist and the Founder of PEP Text–A company that provokes positive thought through products and services that promote positive growth and help heart-centered entrepreneurs connect with their passion. You can learn more about Rachel and how to sign up for Pep Text at www.peptext.com, Facebook: Pep Text or on Twitter: @PEPText










Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vilseskogen/5663353580/



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