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We’ve Hit the ‘Bring Bourdain to Orlando’ Campaign Trail

Our Campaign to Bring Bourdain to Orlando is starting to take off and we’ve decided to handle our campaign as we would any of our Social Media clients. Our posts became more frequent and we did our research into who our target market really is, meaning who out there (other then just ourselves!) had an interest in bringing Bourdain and No Reservations to Orlando.

What we found is this …. into every Social Media campaign, a little traditional marketing must fall. This concept is something that we’ve been telling our clients for the past few years after Facebook and Twitter hit the business world as a marketing option. So we took our own marketing advice and hit the campaign trail to get No Reservations to come to Orlando. And we did it with one of the oldest grassroots marketing programs that every small business owner can do – we started talking to people, we sent emails, we connected with our fans, anything we could think of to get the word out.

While we were on the campaign trail, we got some feedback from several of our fellow Orlando residents that was very disappointing. These folks who claimed to be an Orlandian believed the hype that Orlando was just a town for the tourists and we’re just a city of chain restaurants. I can’t disagree that we have lots of chain restaurants but doesn’t every other city in America that Bourdain took his No Reservation crew to? But what about all those incredible local restaurants we have in the Orlando area that are NOT chains like Four Rivers Smokehouse or Del Frisco’s? Our fans on the Campaign to Bring Bourdain to Orlando fan page have let us know with their lists of their favorite Orlando hangouts that they disagree with those non-Orlando fans too.

We realized that we have more educating to do for Bourdain if some of our own residents couldn’t see how unique our town is. Now is the time my friends to change the attitude of the rest of the world who watched the Casey Anthony trial and came away with a bad taste in their mouths about Orlando. What has started as a movement to bring our favorite Travel Channel show to Orlando has turned into something bigger. Those of us who love our town know that we’re not some three ring circus with a mouse in one tent, Harry Potter on the end and Casey Anthony in the middle.

We’re a city with our own history and our own culture from the diverse mix of people who have chosen to live in our community. We’ve seen our city grown from an agricultural town into one of the top destination in the world. We’ve seen many many shuttles go up into space and we were a part of history as we all heard the sonic boom that morning when the shuttle made its last trip back to Earth.

One of our favorite stories about how Orlando got its name is this: A man named Mr Orlando was on his way to Tampa with a caravan of ox. It is said that he got ill, died and was buried and that folks would come by and say, “Here lies Orlando.”

So keep spreading the word about our Campaign to Bring Bourdain to Orlando!  Tell your friends, your family and have them click ‘like’ on our fan page and help us keep the campaign growing. We know that Orlando has great local chefs cooking extraordinary meals for us locals so let’s get Bourdain and his crew from No Reservations to come down and tell our story to everyone else!

If you didn’t read the first post about how the campaign got started, check it out here.










Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/qnr/2263370167/



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