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Is Your Brand Floating in the Sea of Social Networks?

This is a guest post by Dawn Raquel Jensen, founder of Virtual Options Coaching & Training

Whether you have dipped your toe in the sea of Social Media or decided to take the plunge and simply jump in, there are a few keys things to consider as you are wading through Social Networks. If you are like most entrepreneurs, you probably hadn’t thought twice about which Social networks your business and brand should reside. But, as you build your presence online and increase your business and brand visibility, consider that you need to look further beyond the shore and ensure that you have a brand that is easily found and known online.

To do this, here is one of the first steps you can do to create consistent visibility online:

Make sure that you have an easily identifiable naming convention. While most times you hear the word naming convention in use with programs and databases, here we are talking about how you name your business online. For example, if a company name is Advanced Office Supplies and Furniture, you may consider naming your company online simply Advance Office.

Since, it is not ideal to have the War and Peace version of the business name everywhere. For one, it is harder to find and your customers and prospects aren’t going to remember your full business name. It’s not on them to remember who you are. And, once you have your business naming convention established, make sure you are consistent in using this for your Facebook page, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin Company profile pages and channel.

There is an easy way to ensure your name isn’t utilized elsewhere online. Take a look by visiting NameChk.com. This site lets you know if your brand or your business name is being used across Social networks. NameChk also gives you the opportunity to secure the vanity URL or branded Social Media profile or usernames across all the Social Media platforms.

In the example above, you would be looking to secure the username “Advance Office”. This site provides a ton of Social networks. However, you may not be using most of them to promote your Social business presence. That will all depend on your Social Media marketing plan and strategy.  And, should you ever need to, it’s available.

Sometimes it seems in Social Media that we are drinking from a fire hose or drowning in an ocean of information. However, as I always share with my clients, your first goal should be to start small, build your Social Media presence deliberately, and be consistent.

With NameChk, we’re are starting small and that’s a good thing. In my next post, I’ll cover what you need to know what’s being said about you, your business, and brand. And, for more information about that, stay tuned for the next steps in building online visibility.

Dawn Raquel Jensen is Social Media speaker, trainer, and founder of Virtual Options Coaching & Training, a boutique social media firm supporting business owners, executives, and, entrepreneurs. For more information about Dawn, visit http://about.me/dawnjensen or on the Virtual Options fan page.















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