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You’re Not Famous Until My Mother Has Heard Of You

Wish I could take credit for that line but I can’t. It was a quote about moms from Jay Leno but I figured it would be a good place for us start as we get more specific regarding our last post about knowing your target market.

As we previously reviewed in the last post, once you ask yourself the right questions about who your company is trying to reach, our next step is taking a look at that target’s lifestyles and buying patterns to determine the best way to reach them. This will be one of the many posts where I’ll go into more detail about how to connect with a specific demographic using social networks. Today’s post will focus on moms.

Ever since the first woman went down the General Store to do the weekly shopping, women became known as the decision-makers in the household. Most companies know by now that the best way to get their products and services in more households is to reach out to the woman in the house, specifically moms. Marketing experts will tell you over and over what a strong influence moms have in making every decision from the which house to buy, what car to drive and all the way down to what laundry detergent to use.

Let’s break this down with some stats and figures to give you some idea about how moms are using social media. The obvious place to start is Facebook. Numbers came out a couple of years ago showing that moms use Facebook more then the average internet user. Moms use Facebook to reach out to other moms, stay in touch with family and friends as well as exchange information about parenting and reviewing products for their kids.

Just a few stats about moms and Facebook:

  • 23 million US moms were on Facebook in 2011 – that number counts women with children under 18 in the household who use the site at least once each month. (eMarketer)
  • This estimate translated means that  moms will make up 17.4% of Facebook users. (eMarketer)
  • 96% have Facebook downloaded on their smartphones and more than two-thirds are tapping into Facebook at least once a day to many times a day. (BabyCenter)
  • Seventy-five percent still cite “connection” as their main reason, but almost 16% have shifted to using it for entertainment most likely for games as well as Social TV .  (BabyCenter)

What about Twitter? Are moms tweeting?:

  • 52% of moms use Twitter to keep up with businesses they like or find out about new products. (Lucid Marketing)
  • What moms want most from following a company’s tweets are links to interesting articles/news (71%) followed by links to sales or special offers on their websites (67%) and links to downloadable coupons/discounts (63%). (Lucid Marketing)
  • Majority of moms (52%) like to see humor in businesses’ tweets – this is my favorite stat! – and that moms like tweets with personality and companies that interact with them on Twitter. (Lucid Marketing)
  • ReTweeting to moms is like ‘word of mouth’ intensified. Links to articles of interest to moms is the top reason (76%) for moms to retweet with tweets containing coupon codes or links to online coupon (67%) coming in next, followed by funny tweets (60%) and links to sales on the companies’ websites (54%). (Lucid Marketing)

And we’ve all heard about the infamous group of Mommy Bloggers:

  • 3.9 million women with children write blogs in the US. By 2014, that number will jump to 4.4 million. (eMarketer)
  • 55% of active (daily) social media moms said they made their purchase because of a recommendation from a personal review blog. (NPD Group, Inc. via Technorati)
  • Moms are picky about what brands they blog about – a whopping 77% of mom bloggers will only write about products or brands that they approve of. Another 14% will write about brands or products they boycott. (Technorati)
  • One in four of moms have purchased a children’s product because of a recommendation from a social networking site or blog. (NPD Group, Inc. via SFGate)
  • For the 20+ million BlogHer Network audience, engaging in reading blogs is their number one regular online activity, above watching TV, visiting Facebook, or reading other traditional media sources such as newspapers or magazines. (BlogHer/iVillage)

There were so many more reports and articles about moms usage of social networks out in the ‘interwebs’ that we can easily see why moms are such a strong force to connect with as you plan your company’s marketing strategy. Remember that while these numbers are impressive, reaching moms is more then just looking at them as a statistic. Moms are an ‘online force to be reckoned with.’ Now that you know where to reach them and how they’re using these social networks, it’s time to find a way to incorporate this strong influence into the direction of your marketing campaign.

I know how to do anything  – I’m a mom.” — Roseanne Barr

Does your company’s products or services target moms? Share in the comments about how your company uses social networks to reach moms.



Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chainedreactions/2400761634/



4 thoughts on “You’re Not Famous Until My Mother Has Heard Of You

  1. no doubt about it, moms dominate facebook as a whole. If you have a business that targets them and your NOT on FB you are missing out!

    Posted by Anton English | 01/17/2012, 7:25 pm
  2. Couldn’t agree more Anton! I’m a mom and I don’t even want to admit to how often I log on to FB 🙂

    Posted by foxinteractive | 01/17/2012, 9:20 pm


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