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Statistics of the Social Media Scene

I was running a search on global marketing and somehow it found a link where I could view a satellite image of the earth. Like anyone trying to avoid work for a few moments, I clicked on the link and watched our planet on my laptop. Once I got over the coolness factor, a thought occurred to me. The world doesn’t seem so big when I’m looking at it in my computer screen.

It seems that’s what social media has done for marketing. Before Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, it felt like companies were so far out of our reach. If we had a problem or complaint, we could try to send an email or even worse, find ourselves in the never-ending voice mail system of trying to reach a person to help us. We never knew if we were reaching the right person or if we even impacted these companies with our feedback.

Along came social media and now our favorite brands are click away. We can reach the people we need to connect with even if they’re in another city, another state or even another country. It comes down to that ever-overused buzz word – engagement. Consumers now have the ability to connect directly with companies through the various social media platforms. In a sense, social media has now taken down the wall between customers and their favorite brand’s decision-makers.

When we talk about fishing where the fish are, it’s hard not to imagine connecting with a school of fish in these oceans who will turn into loyal customers. Take a look at some of these 2012 social media statistics:

  • Facebook has more then 800 million users (Social Media Examiner)
  • Average Facebook user has 130 friends and likes 80 fan pages (Social Media Examiner)
  • 56% of consumers will recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan on Facebook (Mashable)
  • 3.5 billion pieces of content is shared every week on Facebook (Hubspot)
  • Twitter has over 100 million active users (eMarketer)
  • 34% of marketers have generated leads from Twitter and 20% have closed deals using Twitter (AllTwitter)
  • 40% don’t actually tweet but check into their accounts daily to follow the conversations (CNN/Fortune)
  • Beyonce’s pregnancy news at the MTV  VMA awards show birthed a new Twitter record of 8,868 tweets per second to share the news (TechCrunch)
  • Linkedin has 64 million users in the US and over 100 million if you include areas outside of the US (AllTwitter)
  • 33% prioritize social media freedom, device flexibility and work mobility over salary in accepting a job offer (GigaOm)
  • With 245 million internet users in the US, Nielsen estimates that social media sites and blogs reach 80% of all active users in the US (PR Week)
  • Consumers who use social media especially with apps like Foursquare and UrbanSpoon dine out more and are more likely to become return customers (ReadWriteWeb)

These are just a few of the statistics out there to demonstrate the power of the social media scene. If you’re one of the companies who have been hesitant to join the social media world, what are you waiting for? Does this list of statistics change your mind?

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