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Being Human in Your Business

It seems to be the in-thing to say the statement: Social media puts a human face on our business. I suspect more then half of you reading this post don’t have a clue what this means, what I’m talking about or how this is going to help your business make more sales.

Have no fear folks … it’s a lot easier to figure out then it sounds!

I look at the idea of being human as an opportunity to connect with your customers on a relationship level versus just making another sale. It means you put people first and you strategically use your marketing message to let your customers know what makes your company unique.

Think about the answer to the question “Who Are You?” When you come up with your list about what makes your company unique, you decide what’s real, relevant and important to your customers. Being human is the way you can bring this message to them.

Yes, it takes time to reply to those Facebook comments and to engage in conversations with your customers on your blog. That time has a value.

You may think you’re benefiting from posting a ton of sales messages and then RT’ing them out to anyone who will listen. I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. What you lose in volume of sales promotions, you’ll make up with deeper connections that will yield long term relationships.

Check out these brands on the social networks: Zappos.com, Whole Foods, Domino’s Pizza, Dell Computers and Starbucks. Follow them on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook and watch how they engage with their audience.

When we look at this diverse group of brands, ask yourself, “What do they have in common?” While it’s true that all of these companies were risk-takers with their successful social media campaigns, the fact is they all chose a non-traditional path to share their message with their customers. Their overall marketing message was true to who they are and what makes them unique.

Social media is really about giving our companies a place to pull back the velvet curtain and let our customers see more, learn more and tell us more. Social media teaches us that our customers are listening. They were there for us when we failed and then got back up. They continue to be there for us because they know what makes us unique by being ourselves. They know we’re not perfect but our honesty will make it easier for them to trust us.

Being human is more then a state of mind. It’s more then a state of doing. It’s a state of being, a human being.

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