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Being Human in Your Business

It seems to be the in-thing to say the statement: Social media puts a human face on our business. I suspect more then half of you reading this post don’t have a clue what this means, what I’m talking about or how this is going to help your business make more sales. Have no fear … Continue reading

How to feature your benefits

When you made the big decision to start your business, it was most likely based on the fact that it was something you knew how to do and you had the hope people would pay money for this product or service. When it came time to start marketing your business, you threw together 2-3 really … Continue reading

Generation X marks the spot

When it comes to looking at your options for a target audience, we’ve run the full gamut here in our blog. We’ve gone from Moms to Dads, Millennials to Boomers and now it’s time to talk about my generation. This is for those of us in the middle. For the first time ever, adults defined … Continue reading

Statistics of the Social Media Scene

I was running a search on global marketing and somehow it found a link where I could view a satellite image of the earth. Like anyone trying to avoid work for a few moments, I clicked on the link and watched our planet on my laptop. Once I got over the coolness factor, a thought … Continue reading

Myths of Marketing to Dads

Recently I read several articles about an online battle with the diaper brand Huggies and Dads. Yes, I said Dads. Not Moms. Huggies had launched an TV ad campaign called the “Dad test” where five Moms left their babies – and everything that comes with taking care of a baby – with their husbands for … Continue reading

What One Thing Defines You?

We’re working on a marketing program and looking for some feedback. If you have a few minutes, we would appreciate your time.  If you had to come up with one word, one phrase or one sentence that defines your business, what would it be? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks so much for … Continue reading

Is Your Company Marketing to the Millennials?

As I was enjoying lunch at a local restaurant, I happened to notice a table of 20-something women sitting across from me. While they ate and chatted, I couldn’t help but notice the constant use of their phones. They were consistently texting and flipping through their phone screens in between bites. I started to wonder … Continue reading

Fish Where the Fish Are

It never surprises me when I hear myself say those words when I’m teaching a workshop. Maybe its just my background as a media buyer that brings it on but somehow, an interactive discussion with the folks attending my workshop gets me talking about marketing strategy and how to find more customers. This conversation always … Continue reading

Do Facebook Ads Really Work?

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that question. I’d have enough money to place an awesome Facebook ad campaign! But then, of course, I’d be asking myself, is this a good use of my new-found income? Am I going to see that elusive return on my investment (ROI)? Time … Continue reading

How The Breakfast Club Can Help You Find Your Voice

I joined in on an enthusiastic conversation last week about finding your voice. The post called Five Examples of Blogging Voices was wonderfully crafted by Jayme Soulati. She broke it down into five different styles (with some great blogger examples!) to give us some food for thought about how we fit into these personalities and … Continue reading

The Bourdain Social Media Experiment Becomes a Revolution

I’ve started this blog post about five times. Every time I would sit down to type this out, I’d meet someone new, had another meeting or something else cool would happen with our Campaign to Bring Bourdain to Orlando. It seems our social media experiment has now taken on a life of its own. The … Continue reading

Just the Pinterest Facts Ma’am

The Pinterest case study continues! As I stated in my first Pinterest post, my marketing ‘spidey-senses’ have been running on full force as I’m learning more about the latest social media obession Pinterest. I’m not going to pretend that I’m only using Pinterest for business and research for my clients. I’ve fallen down the rabbit … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Ad Agencies from the Baby Boomers

Dear Marketing Folks, We’d like to talk to you about the way that some of your companies are marketing their products to Baby Boomers. First let us say, that we don’t represent everyone in our generation with our letter but we’re sure that many of the people in our age bracket would agree with us. … Continue reading

50 Ways to Lose Your Customer

Have you heard the Paul Simon song, “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover“? I was driving to a meeting with a new client to discuss their social media marketing strategy and I heard it on the radio. I had to drive all the way across town for my meeting which can take up to an … Continue reading

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